a day in the life of roger moore

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A day in the life of Roger Moore "When it gets to five or six in the morning, I wonder why I've been awake so long. I wake in the middle of the night and have a terrible job getting back to sleep. It's all very well saying "Concentrate on one thing," but I have 4,000 thoughts. It's my mind. Always hyperactive. In Switzerland, the English papers don't arrive until the afternoon. I turn on the television from my bed, as I enjoy watching the BBC news. I once met Simon McCoy [the BBC news presenter] and he often wears the unique tie I sent him. We have breakfast on trays, which Kristina prepares. There are wonderful blood oranges here, so I drink a glass with vitamin C added for good measure. That's to wash down my pills for hypertension and the handful of feel good vitamins. You read something in the Daily Mail that says "You'll live for ever if you take this," so I get it. I'm very susceptible to what is life-prolonging. A teaspoon of bee pollen for energy, two pieces of the local paillasse bread,
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toasted, with jam or Golden Shred — don't like thick chunks of marmalade. And no butter — or Marmite either, because of the sodium. Then I shower — or, if I missed out on the tabloids the day before, soak in a hot bath for 45 minutes. I also like a bath in the afternoons when I've a fresh paper to read. It's the tabloids in the bath because you can open them, the Telegraph when I'm upright. I love the Telegraph crossword, and one day I'll finish it. My mind's more attuned to the Telegraph's compilers as opposed to ...

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