The Doors by Phillip Gross.

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‘The Doors’ by Phillip Gross.

We are introduced to a boy without an identity; The first 3 verses are full of questions without answers, conveying a feeling of loss and lack of purpose for the nameless boy. The repetition of the word , ‘doors’ seems to emphasise  his feeling of   desperation,- the image of a door can mean a closure,  but it can also mean  an opening. The last verse of the introduction introduces the idea that the doors are a circle of life- his life?

The first door he enters is the pink door, the alliteration of ‘pink powder-puffs’ makes you feel it surrounds you in a cloud of pink loved filled room with everything in a young girls imagination/ mothers love. Everything is pink and he feels over whelmed with the feminine image with the words. ‘A clinging boiled-milk-with-sugar smell.’ This image for me represents the artificial smell of candyfloss, almost sickly.   Towards the end of this verse I think the image presented by ‘A small pink fist’ could be the birth of a baby – a new life but the boy doesn’t seem very happy with this image and says ‘not this way, no, go, on, go back, not here...’ conveys the feeling of desperation. The repetition of these words, at the end of several verses, reinforces these feelings.

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The yellow door this room conveys the feeling of warmth the summer brings ‘the summer blazed like foot lights’ this simile describes the warmth. The boy is almost starting to see himself and relate to the boy in the image. The personification of ‘the butter-gold, the honey, melt and run.’ Illustrates that this glories cannot last forever.

The green door suggests the teenage years ‘a green house heat’ could represent passion and hot tempers that the teenagers feel, it describes the green eyed monster and jealousy which happens in relationships and young love.

The red door is a very different ...

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