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A lady of letters and A cream cracker under the settee. In both of these plays the main characters are both isolated and sad.

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Coursework "A Lady Of letters" and "A Cream Cracker under The Settee". In 1987 Alan Bennet wrote a series of monologues, and in this piece of coursework I will be concentrating on two of his various monologues. These two monologues Alan Bennet wrote were primarily written for television, to be acted out as a play. The two monologues I will be talking about will be "A lady of letters" and "A cream cracker under the settee". In both of these plays the main characters are both isolated and sad. In "a lady of letters", Miss Ruddock is a real busybody, who has a habit of picking out really small details she's always looking to criticise, and once she finds out the only things she'll do is inscribe letters. In "a cream cracker under the settee", it is a little different because the main character Doris is very lonely and isolated and all she can think of is her past (husband). She is also fed up of, Zulema a social worker, who is always telling Doris to go to Strafford house (old peoples home) however Doris doesn't want to, she thinks that all the people in Strafford house stink of pee. Alan Bennett used a lot of different, dramatic techniques but here are just two of his many techniques. ...read more.


middle aged women/old women, because there's only a solitary person talking, they are telling us the story from their point of view and because they are isolated and don't have anyone to talk to. In both of the plays Alan Bennett only has one character talking; I think this is because it makes the play more effective. In both of the plays the main characters are talking to themselves. Both of the plays are mainly set in the main characters house, but in "a lady of letters", the setting changes a few times. In "a cream cracker under the settee" Bennett used props; he used a photo and a leaflet. These props are very important because they lead us to Doris' past. As the audience it makes us feel that Doris loved her husband very much. The setting of the play "a cream cracker under the settee" changes three times. At the start when Doris is sitting on her chair, and then she is sitting on the floor with her back to the wall and finally she crawls to the door to get the leaflet. In "a lady of letters" the setting changes six times. Bennett was a very intelligent writer, in this case he used the setting to make the character very small, sad, and this is because she is isolated. ...read more.


Miss Ruddock comes across a lot of different characters. These are the characters, the policeman, doctor, the vicar and the inmates in the prison. When Miss Ruddock is in prison she makes inmates, and the inmates make a lot of change to Miss Ruddock because they make her happy and Miss Ruddock learns new things from them. On the other hand Doris comes across a policeman and the social worker Zulema. I think that Zulema gives a bad impression of herself to Doris by telling her that she should go to Strafford house because this just makes Doris angrier. First of all I would like to say that Alan Bennett was a terrific writer who makes the audience enjoy whatever he writes. The techniques Bennett used were very effective the "go to black", and the "pauses". He also used the twists in between that made it very effective and kept the play rolling along very nice. Finally he used props these played a key role in the play because they lead us to Doris past. I think that Bennett's techniques "go to black" and "pause", were very effectual but I think that the props were effective because the lead us to the characters past and tells us a little bit more about the character feelings and thoughts. Ali Raza ...read more.

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