A life in a day

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A life in the day………………….

At a quarter past seven the alarm on my phone (known to my mum as the ‘Ice-cream van’) rudely awakes me from my deep, warm, sleep, in which I was dreaming but can’t remember what about. I sharply pull the cover over my head as the light is switched on. I am shaken and moaned at by my mum to get up or I will be late. I pretend to struggle out of bed (really convincingly) and my mum leaves me alone. Snuggling back down I am just about to fall asleep when I hear my ten year old sister heading for the bathroom, so quickly jumping out of bed, I race into it before she should get there first and make me late.

After I have showered and washed my face and teeth I head back to my room, getting a dirty glare from my sister on the way, and start to dry and straighten my hair. After this is done I carefully apply my spot cover and some mascara. Now I need to find my uniform which most people don’t like, but I think that it is alright. It consists of a grey skirt, a white shirt, a navy blazer and a red and navy tie. I also have to wear tights and black court shoes. I love these shoes because they make me feel so grown up and make a clip-clop noise. Spending the next 20 minutes or so getting dressed I mentally run through my head what I will need for the day. Packing my schoolbag and a sports bag (for 4 out of 5 days of the week, I have P.E. or an after school activity) I head to the kitchen where I quickly make myself some breakfast. By now it is half past eight so I climb into the car where my older brother and younger sister are waiting for me. My dad soon appears and, saying bye to my mum, we leave for school.

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At around quarter to nine we arrive at school and the very first thing I do in the morning is to go my locker where I get any books I will need for the morning. After this I head to the library to do any homework that I have forgotten about. At about nine o’clock I head to the form room where I meet up with Rebecca and we head to Wilson Todd’s. In here you will find Kirsty, Claire, Katie, Kelly, Sarah and Sarah stocking up on chewing gum and other sweets. We head back to school and ...

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