a life in the day of

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EmilyMay Evans 10GW

English – Miss Stone

“A life in the day of’”


       Silence. Head buried under pillow, safeness and security covers me, totally undisturbed. As the bell rings, to my dismay it is now all in the past and I have once again woken to a cold and miserable school morning, I pull my head up from underneath the many layers of blankets and pillows to reach over and reclaim silence. This doesn’t last long as it’s once again interrupted, this time by the croaking cry of my dad (we call this his “morning voice”), it isn’t exactly one of the most attractive things about him. I wake to an array of colours painted onto the walls of my room, which does tend to give you the feeling that you’ve smacked around the head a few times, but hay it looks good.  Eventually I give in to the croak of my father’s voice and stumble downstairs wearing my bright orange hooded jumper, the colour not at all resembling how I feel on such a morning. Unable to face breakfast at this ridiculous time of day, I resort to a milky cup of tea and of course a biscuit to dunk, what’s tea without a biscuit? Chocolate Hob Nob or Oreo is preferred, much more satisfying than a bland rich tea in my opinion, after drinking my cup of tea with it hardly touching the sides and ambling up the stairs, I jump in the shower, this being the first step of my routine every morning. On weekends usually not quite as early as this. After showering and drying my hair I am called by my mother to wake my brother, I get the feeling that we are not from the same family as we are absolutely nothing alike in any way, shape or form. He can quite easily jump out of bed and be ready for school within a matter of five minutes, it’s quite strange.  Straightening my hair is the next step of the process and later the make-up is applied, foundation followed by a few coats of mascara and a final hair check in the mirror my dad made for me, edges covered in photographs of memories I never ever want to forget, some of me and my friends out and about during summer others of myself and my family on holidays or during the Christmas period or birthdays, after this I am ready to face the day ahead.

         My sister and I aren’t really the walk to school type, we would much rather have a lift off our close friend, Danielle but some days if that is not possible we do embrace the challenge of the 20 minute walk to school. Nothing much has changed in the past four years, we walk the same route, wearing the same clothing and of course talking the most meaningless drivel that can possibly be spoken. Just trying to keep the journey as short and as interesting as possible really it’s not exactly what I would call excitement, walking down the same road over and over again since I began secondary school. As many times as we have walked down that road and the abundance of conversations that we have had I am currently unable to think of any that were of any importance what so ever, like I said, meaningless drivel. On the way to school the garage is usually a necessary spot either to pick up an energy drink to kick-start our day or a packet of Wrigley’s extra for myself and a friend who doesn’t cross a store or garage on their pilgrimage to school, which remains full at the end of the day, as you “aren’t to chew gum in school” of course. A few meet and greets delay our entrance of the school gates, these being where we catch up with latest gossip of who kissed who and who’s party on Saturday night, why did she throw the first punch outside the youth centre last night. Eventually after we have delayed It as much as we can manage to, we make our way through the entrance where we are welcomed with girls where are your blazers? or get them out of your bags and onto your backs, either of these quotes are soon followed by a compliment trying hard to convince us that we look very “smart”. But I’m not buying any of it, we look like cardboard boxes fair play the boys do look okay, but in my opinion the girls look fine in a simple black jumper. After we walked through a block trying our hardest to avoid senior members off staff in anyway possible, we go our separate ways to our forms and it’s unlikely that we pass again until we arrive home. When I get to my form, I make it sound like a life time adventure, I meet up with my classmates and once again catch up with the chatter and figure out a time to meet up the dance studio for rehearsals the register is taken by our form teacher, its strange as it seems like there is a divide in form between the boys and girls as we both sit on opposite sides of the room, it wasn’t intentional it just happened that way. I haven’t been in form GW for long I moved in the middle of last year because I was having trouble in my old form JD and thought id be more comfortable in a form with a lot more people that I am close too and it is, I am so much happier in this form and much more relaxed than I was before. Once the register has been taken and the first bell rings we all depart and walk incredibly slowly towards first lesson delaying it as much as possible if its core subjects such as maths, science or R.E where’ as if it was one of my more exciting options like law, geography, graphics or physical education I do tend to walk at a flowing pace and actually look forward to arriving at my lesson.

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      First lesson arrives and I have still not properly woken up from last night’s deep sleep, I’m still kind of in a trance. Talking to me this early in the morning is pretty pointless it just goes in one ear and out the other. It’s pretty much like talking to a brick wall, it wouldn’t advise it. I stumble into my lesson usually with a friend on my arm talking or joking about the latest thing, grab a chair at the furthest table from the teachers desk and take off my bag and coat to settle down ...

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