A midsummer nights dream - Act7 Scene1.

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At the end of the play Helena has got back her love, Demetrius, but he is still under the influence of Oberon’s spell. Unlike Hermia who has a true love, Helena is left with a love that is a sort of illusion.

Most things are not meant to last forever, so if the love juice were to wear off would this be one of the next scenes in the play?

Act7 Scene1

Helena is concerned about the constant pain in  

Demetrius’s eyes so she goes to the local apothecary to

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find a cure.

Helena: Excuse me my husband has been having pain in his eyes.

I wonder is there anything you can prescribe?

Apothecarist: Of course there is. Dian’ s bud is the antidote of everything to do with the eyes. Here you are. (He hands her a bottle.)

Helena: Oh, thank you very much.

As Helena leaves, the apothacrist magically turns into Oberon. He smiles.

Oberon: This new potion will wash away the love juice from his eyes,

For it is time Helena knew if his love be truth or lies.


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