In the Merchant of Venice, not all villain wear Jewish gabardines Do you agree with this statement?

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“In the Merchant of Venice, not all villain wear Jewish gabardines” Do you agree with this statement?

        In my opinion, I agree that in the merchant of Venice, not all villains wear Jewish gabardines. By the phrase of “Jewish gabardines”, it actually specifically refers to the Jews in the Merchant of Venice. The Jews were actually subjected to the religious discrimination from society, which actually mainly comprises of Christians in the Merchant of Venice, giving them a common misconception that they are villains. However, even though the Jews may be villains in a certain way, but they could be the product of their environment. In addition, it is also unnoticed that the Christians are villains themselves and in this essay, we would use Portia and Antonio.

        Firstly, let us look at the most prominent “villain” in the Merchant of Venice –Shylock.  He is seen as a villain as he is an cunning person who manages to trick Antonio into falling into his elaborate trap to “feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him”. Besides that, he is unwillingly to bend or compromise his bond with “I have my bond. So speak no more against my bond”, even refuses “a sum twice the gross sum” offered to him by Bassanio. In addition, he is merciless to the aspect that he refuses to get a doctor for Antonio to treat his wounds with the excuse of “it is not stated in the bond”.  In addition, he ensures all means into to trick Antonio into his trap as when Bassanio asks for three thousand ducats. Although he “cannot raise up the full sum of three thousand ducats”, he generously offers not to “take no doit of usance for (his) money”. This shows his desperation to trick Antonio into consenting to the bond as he does not have the money to lend Antonio yet he is able to put aside his nature of earning interest just to harm Antonio. However, Shylock is not totally a villain as he is the product of his environment. “Foot me as (he) spurned a stranger cur” shows just one of the many physical abuse and insults that Shylock suffered from the Christian majority. Not only that, we can actually see Shylock as a victim from his “Hath not a Jew eyes?” speech that gives us reason to believe that he is actually a victim the Christian persecution thus in my opinion, it actually allow us to sympathize with his actions and make it seem like he is the victim instead.

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        However, let us now look at the Christian villains themselves. Antonio is a villain as he shows a great deal of religious discrimination against the Jews. Antonio was actually digging his own grave as he repeatedly insults Jews, most prominently Shylock. First of all, he treats the Jews no better “curs”.  Also in Shylock “Hath not a Jew eyes” speech”; it is plain to see his unreasoned abuse. Besides that, it is not just a single occasion, instead “many time and oft, in Rialto you have rated me” and he even confessed that he is unrepentant and even mentioned that ...

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