A* Room 101 speech -adverts and spitting.

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Have you had enough of injury lawyers’ telling you help is on the way? Are you tired of cheesy adverts that make you cringe ?  Do you think it’s time to put an end to those irritating slogans and songs that are constantly getting stuck in your head? If so, we can all agree that adverts should be put into room 101.

Like me, I’m sure that most of you all watch quite a lot of TV. But does it not anger you that, just because we decide to watch a variety of entertaining programmes on ITV and Channel 4, we are unfortunate victims of ridiculous advertisements and catchphrases every ten minutes when it’s time for the so called break?!

Join now!

I find it particularly frustrating when watching a high action film. Imagine: you’re sitting at home watching Die Hard  on ITV, when the main character  is on the verge of death and fighting his enemy in a high action scene. Your on the edge of your seat wondering whats going to happen next , when suddenly a big bloated man with a fake, cheesy moustache starts jumping around repeatedly singing “go compare” in an extremely annoying voice which completely destroys the tense atmosphere, following the trend of stupid adverts would be the highly annoying song  we buy any  car. This ...

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