A trip to chessington

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Eugene Acquah


A trip to Chessington Park

Wednesday morning was dawning when I woke up from my warm bed at a time that the sun was gradually rising in the east. This triggered a mood of happiness in me. The magnificent sun, which looked like a giant ball was casting it’s powerful and bright light onto my beaming face. As I looked out through the window, I could see a picturesque hill far from my house and also saw leaves falling to the ground gracefully. It was wonderfully beautiful and I could hardly take my eyes off it. As I gazed up at the baby-blue sky, I saw different species of birds flying from east to west and I was very delighted because, I had a great day ahead of me. I took my bath hurriedly and afterwards, dashed downstairs to have my breakfast which consisted of bacon, sausages, baked beans and two slices of toasted brown bread. It was mouth watering as usual.

When it was thirty minutes passed seven in the morning, we left the house for Stratford Station. We packed a few things along with us but unfortunately, my Dad had to go to work so he wasn’t able to come along with us. We sat in the car which was parked right in front of our house and we were filled with joy and excitement. It took us about half an hour to get to Stratford. On the way, I opened the window on my side and immediately it opened, a voilent wind blew into my face with such force that it felt as if I was being hit by not quite a heavy blow.

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We arrived at Stratford station about five passed eight in the morning. The time came for the coaches to arrive but before we could get to where the coaches were, we had to take a two minute walk across the school field. We lined up like birds waiting to be fed by their mother and one by one, we boarded the coach. The coach had comfortable seats which were essential for the long journey ahead. We finally departed for Chessington, World of Adventures. The view through the window was astonishing and it was as if it had been painted ...

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