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A View from a Bridge. How Does Betrayal Work as a Thematic Material? Who Does Eddie Betray In The Play? How Is Eddie Punished For His Betrayal?

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How Does Betrayal Work as a Thematic Material? Who Does Eddie Betray In The Play? How Is Eddie Punished For His Betrayal? A View from a Bridge is a play set in the late 1940's. Throughout the play Eddie betrays many people which leads to the climax of the play. At the beginning of the play we see Eddie talking to Beatrice and Catherine and he tells a story about a boy called "Vinny Bolzano" who ratted on his family to immigrations; it is this that foreshadows what is to come. Betrayal is one of the main themes in the play that causes the Carbone family problems. It is the importance of Betrayal which leads to the plot in the play. The irrational human behaviour in the play is the way Eddie looses control of his actions, it is this that supports the theme betrayal in the play. Eddie is driven by the incestuous love for his niece meaning he resorts to desperate measures to protect his identity. It is this that leads to the main plot of the play so it's very important for Miller to build it up well. ...read more.


and this is why Marco accuses Eddie of betraying him however Eddie was blinded by jealousy and has a big effect on the Italian community that surrounds them. Also Eddie being the eldest there, one where the boys look up to has an obligation and a duty to fulfil and he abandons this which led to trust braking and betrayal becoming a big theme in the play. Eddie also betrays Beatrice by being unfaithful to her, he doesn't fulfil her needs hence ""when am I going to be a wife again, Eddie?" showing Eddie isn't in a loving intimate relationship with his wife foreshadowing the problems that occur. During act 2, "as she [Catherine] strives to free herself [Eddie] kisses her on the mouth" here Eddie loses control for his feelings and the kiss for Catherine suggest he is fulfilling his unspoken love for her because he knows he can never have her and also betrays Rudolph as his with Catherine. This is betraying his wife by not only kissing another woman but his own niece which is incest, meaning Eddie losses respect for from others not just his wife and this also shows the Eddie doesn't look at ...read more.


It is these two cultures, American and Sicilian which clash, with the American law allowing Rudolpho and Catherine to marry rather than prevent it which causes Eddie to revert to his community. Eddie loses a lot of respect from Marco, "Marco Spits in Eddies Face" showing that's the end of their relationship and Eddies reached the lowest of the low and there's no returning back for him. So even though Eddie takes a significant turn away from community which is his main punishment for his actions he still fights in his last moments for a good name. In conclusion Eddie betrays his wife Catherine, niece Beatrice Rudolpho & Marco all because of his jealousy and selfishness. It is Betrayal that sets the play up for its climax which leads to Eddie betraying each of those characters and getting punished by him being killed by his own knife he tried to use on Marco because he thought it would help clear his name in the community. We see Eddie as a typical tragic character that was doomed for disaster from day one, ever since we caught on to his incestuous love for his niece to his problems in the marriage and jealousy of Rudolpho we knew it could only lead to one thing. ...read more.

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