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Act 1 scene 5 is the most important scene in Romeo and Juliet because it triggers off all the other events that lead to unfortunate disasters. A brief summary of act 1 scene 5

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Romeo and Juliet Coursework By Farah Mahmood Act 1 scene 5 is the most important scene in Romeo and Juliet because it triggers off all the other events that lead to unfortunate disasters. A brief summary of act 1 scene 5 is that Lord Capulet hostess a party. Romeo decides to come to the party. Romeo sees Juliet and falls in love at first sight .Tybalt spots Romeo and tells Lord Capulet. Lord Capulet says "it not the place to fight and tells him to calm down". Romeo and Juliet dance and share a sonnet. Romeo finds out that Juliet is a Capulet. Juliet finds out that Romeo is a Montague. There are range of characters in this scene are Lord Capulet who holds the party,Tybalt who's god a bad temper Juliet's cousin. Romeo and Juliet who fall in love, Nurse who works for the Caplet family. At the beginning of the play the servants create a busting atmosphere Lord Capulet is very happy and welcomes the guests and then everyone's is dancing. But then it goes sad when Juliet finds out Romeo is a Montague the son of her only enemy. ...read more.


He uses light and dark metaphors saying she is light from everyone else around her, other people seem dark compared to her. Shows how beautiful she is and she stands out. The smile he uses "as a rich jewel in ethops ear". Showing she is unique and she stands out like a rich shiny jewel in a African's ear. He can't see anyone else but her, Romeo can't take his eyes off her. Romeo uses light and dark. Each simile and metaphor is effective because it shows he's fallen in love with her. Romeo's reaction towards Juliet is realistic from the point of view of a theatre audience because the audience know they will end up falling in love with each other and they end up getting married it uses dramatic irony's his reaction is realistic. The elegant words Romeo uses to describe Juliet, it tells you about his attitude to Rosaline that he got over her quick. Also it tells you that he did not love her and he's totally forgotten about her. Capulet be's aggressive to Tybalt telling him not to start a fight.Tybalt wants to use violence against Romeo. ...read more.


She can't live without him she's totally in love with him, she won't get married to anyone else but him. "My only love sprung from my only hate", this brings out the theme of love and hate. She loves him but he's from someone she hates. "Prodigious birth of love it is to me" saying he was born from someone evil but she loves him. It uses love and hate to show how she's feeling. "That I must love a loathed enemy" she says "why do I have to love a enemy" she loves him a lot and can't live without him, these lines what Juliet uses when she finds out about Romeo being a Montague they use dramatic irony. This was a very good play which had love, hate and fights. This was the story of two households, Capulet's and Montague's both alike in nobility. Who have a ancient grudge that turns into violence who live in fair Verona. They each have a child Romeo who's a Montague and Juliet who's a Capulet. They fall deeply in love with each other, but end up taking up their lives. They have unfortunate pity disasters and the continuance of their parent's rage which only the deaths of their children could remove. ...read more.

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