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Advantages and Disadvantages of owning a car

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Advantages and Disadvantages of owning a car by Cintia Quinteros (3° de Ingles) The invention of the automobile was without doubt one of the most groundbreaking advancements in human technology. Today we cannot imagine a world without it. A large amount of our everyday life is dominated by cars but we have to take into account the benefits and disadvantages of owning a car. Doubtlessly, cars have an enormous economic value. Without cars and derivations like trucks, the productivity of modern economy would seriously be affected. The biggest part of transportation of goods is still conducted by trucks. A car does not only contribute to modern economies as a means of transportation but it also has profound effects on the availability and distribution of working places. ...read more.


What is more, you do not have to wait a determinate hour to travel and also you do not have to share your time with strangers. There is also a part of change in lifestyle made by owning a car. If you have to go out you just do it and if your kids have a birthday party you don't have the need of calling a cab. Cars may also contribute to a strengthening of family ties especially if the members live in distant regions. It may be much more agreeable to cover such distances by car than by other means of transportation. Besides if you want to go on picnic or to enjoy a day in the field you just have to pick up your things and get ready. ...read more.


Also, is your duty to do not drink any alcohol if you are going to drive (this could be considered a disadvantage for some people) Finally having a car can also be really expensive, because it needs constant maintenance and not to mention the oil and gasoline expenses that you must expend to get it going. Taking everything into account, you may think that having your own car is not worth it because of all the problems referred to traffic accidents which have to be tackled in order to fully enjoy this invention but in my personal opinion if you are responsible enough to have your license you will really enjoy the satisfaction and the comfort that you feel when you have your own car. In addition, there is a feeling of freedom that is priceless for me. ...read more.

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