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Advice I'd give a younger me.

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´╗┐Advice When I was younger I had many fun yet regretful experiences. Looking back, I never expected to be the person I am today. Seemingly insignificant choices can have a great impact on a person?s life. Now that I am 15 I feel older and wiser. I often think of how I could?ve given myself a better future. We learn through experiences and with it we try to prevent failures. However these are the failures that help us learn from our mistakes. If we could, we would all want to advise ourselves for a better future. One thing I would tell myself would be to prepare for track. I never expected to join the track team when I was younger. What started as a way to earn school credits became a hobby. I started track last year and I always regret not starting sooner. Track helped me become more social and active. I made new friends that share my common interest in running. I also feel healthier because I am more active. A great day of exercise always brightens up my day. Track has also taught me many life lessons. ...read more.


However ironically I didn?t enjoy playing the piano myself. I didn?t know if it was either the teacher?s or my fault. The teachers were strict but I also admit that I was terrible. Lesson after lesson I would hate playing the piano more and more. Eventually when I graduated from junior high school I quit piano. Now, after 2 years without piano, I regret my decision. If I could, I?d advise myself to continue to take the lessons. Piano is useful to know how to play if you are interested in music. I think piano is like a gateway instrument. It prepares and teaches you different styles of music. This may range from Jazz to Rock to Hip Hop. You become familiar with the beats and learn to read musical notes. Pianists might want to experiment with other instruments such as drums or guitars. The passion for music grows as you become familiar with it. If I continued to play I might?ve tried the drums for fun. Music is a fun talent to have. ...read more.


Back then I used to procrastinate and it sort of became a habit. Leaving work for the last second always caused stress and sloppy work. When it came to the last second I was forced to do the work. I didn?t manage my time and would have to pay for it. This is a bad habit to acquire especially in High School and College. For me it became a habit I couldn?t break and I still deal with. ?Paul, put that controller down and go take swimming lessons. Yes, those swimming lessons you said you would take but never did. This is you?re only chance before you become busy in the future. P.S. Stop procrastinating. Do your work ahead of time and be more organized. Your procrastination is going to become a habit unless you fix it right now. Good Luck.? If I could, I would do everything I wanted to do when I was younger. I had more time and would have less regrets. If we could, we?d change our past to bring about a better future. An advice is an opinion offered to guide us in some way. ...read more.

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