Alcohol - Drinking Teens

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Mini-skirts and wee tops, killer heels, the make up and ‘her girlfriends,’ what more could a girl ask for. Well I wouldn’t ask for anything else apart from a pocket full of cash to buy the rounds of drink.

Going down to the bamboo beach club is a big hit for us girls at the weekend. Plenty of dancing, drink, and the drinking games – unreal! Although, I must say, we shouldn’t even be in that club but when me and the girls get dressed up for a night out, our main motto is ‘Dress to Impress’. That’s what gets us into the club but we usually carry our fake ID’s, just incase.

I know what it feels like to be pressurised into drinking way too much and you teenagers these days don’t seem to be able to say no when you get offered a drink.

Celebrities today are said to be good ‘role models’ but to be honest have you actually seen them? Newspapers and magazines read by teenagers show celebrities such as Lindsey Lohan (right) drunk and being disorderly.

You teens see these people getting drunk, having fun and you think, yea I should do the same. But, do you actually know what they are doing, probably not.

Astonishingly various teachers are the same, your parents think their better role models for young people, when infact, they aren’t all they make out to be. As I once found out. It was a Friday night, just another drunken night up town with the girls when we spotted a teacher, practically half-dressed, falling about all over the place. Good example.? I think not. What would your parents say if they knew this?

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Mind you some parents haven’t room to talk. They aren’t all they make out to be in front of teachers or other parents. Teenage backgrounds are a prime example of why youths drink. If young people come from homes where alcohol is abused then they are going to want to do the same.

While under the influence of such substances anything can happen.

One in ten of you teenagers aged between 14-16 years old said they have had sex with someone, whilst heavily drinking alcohol. Many say they have regretted it and in particular a young twin ...

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