An analysis of 'Blessing'.

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The structure of the stanzas is a metaphor for the water in the pump. “The skin cracks like a pod. There is never enough water.”

This is the first stanza it is very short just as the water is only dripping. As we go further the stanzas get longer “Sometimes, the sudden rush of fortune… plastic buckets, frantic hands,”

This stanza shows the pipe bursting and water rushing out and in the poem this is shown by the size of the stanza.

The sentence structure is also a metaphor for the water. “The skin cracks like a pod. There is never enough water.”

Here the sentences are short just as they are short of water, where as in the third stanza the sentences get longer. “From the huts, a congregation: every man woman and child for streets around butt in, with pots, brass, copper, aluminium, plastic buckets, frantic hands,”

This sentence is long as it shows the rush of water and the lack of commas used in the first part emphasis the rush and the use of commas in the second part quickens the pace.  

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The theme of the poem is showing the differences between the rich and the poor. This is done by displayed by the lack of water for the poor. “silver crashes to the ground”

To these people water is just as valuable as silver, to them water is there wealth. Imtiaz Dharker uses silver as it is similar to water in colour. This metaphor is also repeated when it says “polished to perfection”

Many different poetic techniques have been used to create an image in the readers head. “Imagine the drip of it, the small splash, echo in ...

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