An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls.

An Inspector calls was written during the year of 1945 by a man named J.B Priestley. An Inspector calls was written for the purpose of entertainment of its audience but also to put across Priestley’s valid points and views towards the welfare estate. Priestley was a socialist: someone who believes that product and distribution is controlled by people according to equity and fairness. Priestley uses his play to try and show people that community in 1912 was non-existent and that the world needs to change rather than return to the egotistical society that existed in pre war England.

In this play Priestley gets across his message towards his intended audience to help change our political views. Priestley showed us how many people had no care for people of a lower and different stature in comparison to them. Inspector: Two hours ago a young woman died in the local infirmary. She’d been taken there this morning because she swallowed a lot of strong disinfectant. Burnt her inside of course. .Mr.Birling: (Rather impatiently) Yes, Yes. Horrid Business. But I don’t understand why you should come here inspector.

 He uses the Birling family as an example of the Capitalistic family that was common amongst the higher classes in 1912 who had no cares for other people and he shows that with the power of Socialism, represented by the inspector, the uneasy deceptive appearance put on by the Birling family to cover up their real flaws and how they have treated those whom they consider to be lower class. The pronunciation of death did not affect Mr.Birling; he had no concern about the welfare of this young woman he was more anxious to hear about his business within this situation. This give me an idea about the type of capitalism that took place between the different societies also how people of a higher class had no regards towards others around them. This makes the audience feel spiteful towards Mr.Birling because he has been classed as a ‘’family man’’ but still has no care for any other but himself. He has not shows repentance towards the death of a young woman.

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Mr.Birling had a high status within his community and by using his authority he attempts to intimidate the inspector by showing power and naming an influential person within his stature. Mr.Birling: How do you get on with our Chief Constable Colonel Roberts?

Inspector: I don’t see much of him. Mr.Birling: I ought to warn you, that he is a old friend of mine, and that I see him frequently. We play golf together sometimes up at west Brumley. Inspector: (dryly) I don’t play golf. Mr. Birling, taking advantage of his social status is trying to mount pressure on the ...

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