An Inspector Calls - Arthur Birling

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An Inspector Calls - Arthur Birling

Mr Birling is having an enjoyable family celebration, which he is dominating with his speeches and predictions. His speeches were full of optimism, such as the titanic being unsinkable. Priestley uses this example to show how out-of-touch Birling is, how arrogant. He places his faith in business and greed, and this partly explains his pleasure in the evening since ‘Crofts and Birling will be brought together to work in harmony’. His obsessive faith in the individual, in progress and capitalism is the kind of selfish attitude that has led to Eva Smith’s downfall. And this is where the Inspector comes in to teach him about.

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At the start Arthur showed his dominance with his speeches during the celebration. During the speeches he brags on about his status within the community as a public figure in Brumley.  Arthur wanted the people to understand that he is not a man to be messed with at all. But ever since the inspector comes in Arthur have to endure being challenged not only from the inspector, but also members of his family as well. Arthur is not used to being challenged at all and from this he was both irritated and impatient. So he attempted to win over the ...

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