An Inspector Calls, How is Mrs Birling responsible for Eva Smith's death

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Mrs. Birling the Culprit of Eva's Suicide Every character gives a first impression; the first person that seems to be responsible for the death of Eva Smith was Mr. Birling. He was the owner of a mill and hired Eva Smith to work there. He admitted that she worked well but had to make her redundant due to her asking for an increase in wages and protesting against Mr. Birling not giving her a rise. “We were paying the usual rates and if they didn’t like those rates, they could go work somewhere else. It’s a free country,” says Mr. Birling. From Mr. Birling’s actions it does not seem to be the responsibility of Mr. Birling for the death of Eva Smith. He was looking at the best interests of his firm and it his firm would not run very efficiently with a troublemaker. I also think he is not responsible because Eva Smith must have thought of the consequences of protesting against low wages. The next person that seemed to be responsible for the death of Eva Smith was Sheila Birling. After Eva Smith was made redundant from the mills she managed to get a job at Milwards, a
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respectable upper class department store. Sheila complained to the manager of Milwards because Eva Smith giggled at her when she was trying on a hat. I think that Sheila’s action of complaining to the manager of Milwards can be justified. Sheila was jealous of Eva being prettier, being of an upper class family to fire Eva Smith which I think, is very unfair. Although Eva Smith was made redundant once again I think that Sheila did contribute to the death of Eva Smith but is not the most responsible person. When Sheila went shopping that day at Milwards she was ...

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