Analysis of 'Continuum' by Allen Curnow

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Analysis of Continuum of Allen Curnow

Continuum, by Allen Curnow, is a unique poem that explores very interesting themes regarding writing and thought. The poem revolves around a poets inability to find inspiration and ideas for a poem and highlights themes like Poetic Inspiration, Writers block and the ebb and flow of thought.

Poetic inspiration is an essential part of writing poetry and in Continuum, Curnow attempts to get his motivation from the environment and the night sky.  He conveys the necessity for  poetic inspiration very effectively through his own desperate attempt to find ideas and inspiration

Writers block, the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing, is a compelling issue faced by many writers.  In Continuum, we get a glimpse of what it really is like. This is a major problem for Curnow as he struggles to find ideas for his poem.

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The final theme of the ebb and flow of thought is beautifully portrayed in the Continuum where the poet acquires ideas but they swiftly slip away with the change of his mood. It implies the mercurial quality of mind and shows the quick discovery and disappearance of thoughts.

The title, Continuum, suggests a tedious, unrelenting cycle; an unceasing, arduous series which is the process of writing a poem. It is the acquisition and the abating of ideas that goes on again and again. The title is very fitting and a good exposition to the poem.

The structure of Continuum tends ...

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