Analysis of 'From me to you' by Rita Anyiam

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Introduction :

"For Me from You" talks of a young Nigeria girl reflecting on the love and adoration her persistent suitor presses onto her, and the shape of her life if she accepts him.


The first stanza is the courtship phase, it shows how she see's her relationship now, how the man buys her and how she sold herself, and he is attempting to obliterate her individuality. The man seems to be very original, he is trying to buy her love, she looks back at this now, noticing how original it was, and she is also acknowledging that it's happened to her. She is now regretting. This stanza has a lot of repetition; it shows the lack of originality. Notice her "i"s are not capitalized, as if saying she is not important enough to be acknowledged as such. She uses her words very effectively "so much how much, how much so much", it is as if she is showing, how women are fluid, they sell themselves, and that she has sold herself to a man.

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The second stanza, the first line shows that it has changed from days to days, into nights and nights, this shows lack of light. as you read it, you feel the passing of time, it's short. "Disposing", the man is executing, getting rid of the women individuality, and this makes her feel alone. "a party for you and your friends", its as if she has no friends, or cant have any, and that she slaves away for him, she wants her freedom, but cant have it, for she has already sold herself to him.

In the third stanza, it ...

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