Analysis of Pg 138- 140 (To Kill A Mockingbird)

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Shafaq Yaqoob

Look at “To Kill a Mockingbird”, pages 138/139/140. Start at “Before Bedtime.”

Closely analyse the passage:

  • What does it tell us about each of the characters and the society they live in?
  • Think about how the language helps reveal character, sometimes through humour and irony.
  • Can you relate the passage to the broader themes on the novel?

In this excerpt, Lee reveals us to the pressures of society on Scout and Jem.  We know that Atticus brought them up in a way that they did not care about their social status due to his ideals of equality which he also wants his children to inherit. However, with Aunt Alexandra in the house we see that there is a lot of concern about the social status on her side. This does not actually worry Scout and Jem as she is in the house just for a while, but the sudden change of attitude on Atticus’s side does worry them.

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This excerpt creates irony on the side of Atticus as he is seen betraying his ideals and tries teaching his children about the social hierarchy in Maycomb.  We can also tell that Atticus is not used to having this kind of conversation with his children and feels a bit hesitant and uncomfortable about the subject as he is “fidgeting”.

As Atticus starts to talk about the gentle breeding of the Finches, we also see that the Jem does not like the conversation as he is “disgusted” by it. This sudden change of behaviour is not Atticus’s own choice but we ...

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