Analysis of "The Mother" by Gwendolyn Brooks

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                                     Analysis a Poem.

Gwendolyn Brooks

The Mother

The poem is about a lady prostitute, “The Mother” who due to the character of her work has had multiple abortions. Gwendolyn has wrote about the conventional lady of the night, Theses night lady’s often passed “The Mother” house when she was a teenager, looking back on reflection she found this attractive. Now she is much older and she understands the dangers and pain with the role. You can clearly see from her poem it’s from the heart, but she appears to write it for another lady, this lady had several abortions, we know this because this is how the poem starts. Line one and two “Abortions will not let you forget. “You remember the children you got, that you did not get”. It’s a very powerful sentiment start to the poem, these are whole-hearted words. Gwendoline is a writer and you can feel the torture and sadness of “The Mother” she writes about. Or is it in reality herself she is aiming the poem at. This poem is aimed at a prostitute and the prostitutes’ feelings, the loss of her children that were aborted, the way they were treated. But most prominently of all it gives you a perception into, how these ladies survived through life, how she lived in a poverty deprived city, she had no choice due to circumstances beyond her control. But despite her lifestyle, these babies she loved and cherished with all her heart. The poem quite clearly shows the repentance, “The Mother” is feeling, maybe now she is older, wiser or even alone.

The words are sensed with such desire, with the first and second line of the poem, she is revealing how hysterical she is at aborting her babies. But it shows too how unconditionally she loved them, how much she dreamed of giving them a normal cherished life. It’s plain to see “The Mother” chose to abort more than once, maybe several as she refers to (children) rather than child. It can only assume that an early abortion was not an option, given the time and era I would assume that men would pay more for a pregnant prostitute. So it is obvious to see, the more she was in late stage pregnancy, the higher the price men would pay. The next part of the poem, line twenty six, twenty seven and twenty nine, reads “you were never made” ”but that too I am afraid”  “you were born you had a body you died” . This sends a strong message of how far pregnant she actually was, she was far pasts the legal abortion stage, so it could actually be said, no doctor or hospital would legally operate an abortion. So one can only assume she had the only option of a back door doctor, who unlawfully performed abortions. This would be very precarious for the baby, but her herself. Lines twenty two and twenty three state this unquestionably, “though why should I whine” “whine that the crime, was other than mine”. This poem echoes her absolute

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Despair, she is suffering anguish, she describes how her prostitution, babies and life as she knew it still plagues each memory she has. You can see this in each and every line of the poem, she is still clearly disturbed by her past life and what she did and her children. She writes “I have heard voices of the wind the voices of the Dim” (children). To me the poem voices so much emotion, love and pain, but more so anger and regret. She uses the word “Dim” rather than abortion, Gwendoline describes the lady as soft and kind, she ...

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