Animal farm.

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Asif patel 11x2 English Animal farm coursework The oldest pig on the farm, Old Major, gathered all the farm animals into the barn. Hetold them of a dream he had about one day animals ruling the world. He said there was to be arebellion in the farm against their cruel farmer, Mr. Jones. Old Major did not know when therebellion was to take place but he knew it would be soon. He taught the barnyard a song calledBeasts Of England. This song riled the animals up about the rebellion.Three nights later Old Major died. There were pigs to take his place though. They wereSnowball, Napoleon, and Squealer. They called Old Majors teachings "Animalism." After Old Majordied the animals did not think that much of the rebellion as they used to. Two horses did not likethe idea. They were Clover and Mollie. The other horse, Boxer, listened to what ever his leadersaid. The pigs also had trouble with the farmer's tame raven, Moses. Moses said that the rebellionwas not a good idea. One day however, the rebellion did happen. After the animals had the farmsecure, they made laws called the Seven Commandments. They were like our ten commandments.Then they renamed
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the farm from Manor Farm to Animal Farm.The pigs learned to read and write by looking at books in the farmhouse. They also learnedmany other things. The animals had to work even harder than before. They had to harvest thefields without any tools. The animals were still happy anyway because they were free from thefarmers rule. An old donkey named Benjamin was unchanged after the rebellion. They had sort ofwhat was like council meetings. Napoleon and Snowball were most active in the debates. Theymade committees to teach the animals how to read and write. Napoleon found that two dogs,Jessie and ...

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