Animal Farm - Snowball's Diary

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Animal Farm

Snowball’s Diary

8th March

Old Major died in his sleep today. He had known that his time was near. He gathered us all into the barn only 3 days previously and spoke openly of the wisdom he had gained over the years and of the strange dream that he had. He spoke of how we are all comrades. He asked what kind of life do we have? ‘Miserable, laborious and short.’ We are given only so much to eat that will keep us breathing and give us the strength to carry out a days work and no more. We are pushed to the limits and when we are not capable of carrying out our duties we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty. Most animals do not know the meaning of happiness because they do not live beyond 1 year.  

The life of an animal is misery and slavery. Remove man from the scene and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished forever. Man is lord of all the animals, he makes them work, gives food enough to prevent us from starving and keeps the rest for himself. He is very selfish he is our enemy.

He spoke of Rebellion and how we must fight when the time came for future generations to carry on the struggle until it is victorious. Little did we know the Rebellion was going to start so soon.

11th March

Napoleon and I decided to hold meetings during the, week to discuss and prepare for the Rebellion if it was to happen. Today I was talking to my comrades about how we could make the farm better for us to live and work on a lot easier because the hours we work on are too long and not all of us can use the equipment that is there so machines would be much more efficient, and of course we would have to find a way of adapting to use the machinery.

3rd June

Mr Jones no longer has an interest in the farmland or its animals and so we were going without food and were neglected. It all came to a head a few days ago when one of the cows broke down the door to the store shed and all the animals helped themselves. Mr Jones gathered up his men and lashed out with whips but the animals could take it no more and they turned and attacked their tormentors.  

Mr Jones and his men fled the farm.

4th July

The name Manor Farm was changed to read Animal Farm. Napoleon and myself called a meeting and we wrote the seven commandments on a wall for the animals to see and expected each of the animals to abide by including ourselves, the most important rule being ‘all animals are equal’. I began to delegate jobs to the other animals and they seemed to want to follow my lead. We would all worked hard and for the benefit of each other because there was plenty of food to go round. We decided to go to the hay field and bring in the harvest. We all worked well as a team and the harvest was a great success even though the work was very hard. For weeks now everyone has worked with each other and pulled together, but at times I am a bit wary of Napoleon because I do not think he is pulling his weight and he seems to be favouring a few of the animals and making a difference with them by sneaking them food.

Join now!

As the animals have been working longer hours now and getting less rations of food we have been fighting amongst ourselves and blaming each other on whose fault it is for life not going the way we planned since Jones fled. What we started believing in and fighting for is not progressing so successfully because it is turning us against one another.

2nd August

Napoleon and I held another meeting in the barn but whatever I said Napoleon seemed to  be opposed to it and I could feel a bit of unrest among the animals. Life carried on ...

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