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Animal Magic.

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Animal Magic by Sean Kettle Dixy Reese expertly administrated her make up to her bronzed face whilst she strutted out of a press conference as if walking along a catwalk. Maria, her personal assistant came up from behind to trail alongside her. 'Dixy that was fantastic!' Maria blurted out, orchestrating her burden of documents, forms and articles into slapdashed disarray of paper-clipped bundles. 'I mean,' Maria swallowed with disbelief, 'the way you handled them - you retained complete control throughout the conference!' 'Thanks sweetheart, I know, I'm brilliant.' The subdued noise sounded from Dixy as she rummaged around within her handbag. 'Even though I did write it, you pulled of that speech superbly!' Maria pushed her thin rimmed glasses up her nose and shuffled her papers, 'Saved yourself from a h**l of a ballyhoo. Unrivalled. And finally we've got those animal rights activists off our backs. They just don't appreciate what we're trying to do. You have to make sacrifices if you want to produce fine art. Picasso and his ear. Sting gave up teaching to be come a singer.' By this time Dixy had lit a cigarette and was consuming deep intoxicating breaths, whilst running her fingers through the fleecy hide of an ocelot draped over her shoulder. 'So what's on my timetable tomorrow darling?' Dixy exhaled fumes of smoke in Maria's face and smiled. 'Well,' Dixy said with tears in her eyes, trying not to cough, 'there's a photo shoot tomorrow at two-' 'Scrap that hun, I'm exhausted.' ...read more.


We're going to re-enact some tortures and see if there was any point in them after all. And you're today's guinea pig.' 'You wouldn't dare.' 'Well we'll see about that. This is for all the animals that had to go through h**l and back just to make you what you are today. I'm the one who's gonna give them everything back that you took from them.' Dixy's body shook. She remembered seeing in one article a kitten whose scalp had been torn open, revealing its pink bloodstained skull. Hundreds of veins still clung to the skull, and some of them had been ripped off - circuitries of them hung over the dishevelled kitten's ear. Electrodes had been forced into its cranium. 'The first investigation is already in process. We're going to see if sewing your eyes shut then killing you in a year, alters your brain development. Like they do to newborn kittens.' Dixy said nothing. She tried to focus on another part of her body other than her eyes. It didn't work. Some of her lashes had forced their way through infinitesimal slits between whatever was holding her eyelids together, and were relentlessly stabbing her raw eyeballs. 'Maybe you're gonna have to stay here for a whole year.' Dixy screamed at her, 'They'll come for me! And they'll lock you up you psycho!' 'No-one will come. And by tomorrow you'll be yesterday's news. ...read more.


The treatment was really going miraculously and even the plastic surgery on her nose was coming along. She was sitting up in bed reading a glossy magazine. Maria entered Dixy's private room. 'How are things going love?' Dixy asked, making an effort not to scratch her eyelids. 'Not too well I'm afraid. Publicity about last year's attack has died down, so we're in need of new ways to finance your career.' Maria took a seat, and gazed down upon her papers. 'Just think though, darls, one more month and I'll be able to re-launch my livelihood, I'll be making press-conferences - it'll be a tremendous comeback. And this all goes to prove that testing things on animals has great outcomes.' Dixy said enthusiastically. 'I've been working my socks off to come up with fantastic speech for your first conference. You'll be a success again in no time.' Maria smiled at her. 'Yeah hun. Can't wait to leave this place. If that psycho had done anything else to me I don't know where I'd be.' Dixy started to remember but engulfed herself in her magazine instead. 'Did you get me those cigs?' she whispered. Maria revealed a packet of cigarettes from her coat and passed them to Dixy. 'Your favourite brand' 'You sure you don't want one dear? Dixy said lighting one and moving towards an open window. 'I don't want to pollute my perfectly healthy lungs.' Dixy looked up at her. There was something familiar about what Maria said. Disturbingly familiar. But she thought nothing more of it and went back to happily puffing on her cigs. 1 ...read more.

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