Are advancements in Science always beneficial - an essay exploring the impacts of contemporary advancements in science on the modern world

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Title of Essay: Are advancements in Science always beneficial? An essay exploring the impacts of contemporary advancements in science on the modern world.

Introduction: This essay discusses the merits, virtues and pitfalls of contemporary advancements in science with close reference to its effects on the modern world, people’s worldviews and current mindsets that societies have.  This essay aims to give a holistic overview of the impacts the progress in science, and about the alterations made on mankind’s mindsets of a great number of things.  Through this, the essay concludes with a delicate, balanced wrap-up that summarises mankind’s awareness of the rapid changes to his environment, and raises pertinent questions and suggestions for further consideration.

This essay was awarded Distinction (24 out of 30 marks possible) at the High School level.

        The modern world is developing at a rapid rate. Scientific breakthroughs and innovations are not uncommon in our daily news. We even see talented students in their teens – budding scientists and researchers – occasionally featured in the news for their scientific achievements and accomplishments. Technology is inseparable from mankind today. Science is extremely significant in the improvement of life on earth and in many other aspects, yet scientific progress has increasingly been criticised to harm instead of help us humans, damage the environment and most considerably intrude into the controversial issues of ethics and morality. While scientific progress undoubtedly bestows countless benefits, the pursuit for scientific knowledge and technologies may very well bring about serious consequences when misused.

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It is an irrefutable fact that science allows us to understand more about ourselves and the environment we live in. By applying knowledge and technologies derived from scientific research, we can then make changes that improve human life and our environment. For example, medical advancements help prevent and cure people of ailments and diseases; military and weapons technologies strengthen the defence of a nation to achieve social stability and the effect of deterrence on potential intruders, while simple yet effective innovations make our lives more convenient. Such motivations for scientific progress are unquestionable for it is merely about investing ...

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