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Are Social Networking sites harmful?

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English Language. Argue.Persuade.Advise. Are Social Networking websites harmful for young people? Social networking sites such as Bebo, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter have a growth of 47% per year. It is said that 150 million people in every continent are now using Facebook and approximately half of these users are on this social networking site every day. If Facebook were a country, it would then be the eighth most inhabited in the world, ahead of Japan. Facebook is used in over 35 different languages and 170 countries. The choice and popularity of networking sites appears to be dependant on location and age group, for example Bebo tends to be more popular amongst teenagers in Northern Ireland. Social networking is now more popular than personal email and the fourth most popular online activity. Many consider these sites to be the cause of much suffering and unhappiness for children and teenagers. There are different reasons for this such as sexual predators who exploit these sites putting young people at risk of abuse. Most children and teenagers using these sites share a lot of details with their personal friends such as where they are going, their mobile phone number and maybe their address. ...read more.


It did not annoy me, I just thought that the person must be very insecure to want to be like someone else. People who use these networking sites can easily become addicted and as I stated above over half of the 150 million people who use Facebook are on it every day. When you are using these sites, looking at people, pictures of new events and catching up in conversation the time flies by. Many children and teenagers stay on their PC to the early hours in the morning, including school nights which affects their concentration levels the next day. Children who are addicted to these sites tend to interact less with people face to face and do not go outdoors often. Rather than being on the computer they could be outside doing more physical things, getting more exercise. Even traditional family life as we know it could suffer as with little communication and less time spent together, relationships could become strained. If family bonds are not close, parental values and standards may not be as acceptable to the young people. People's actions on these sites can have very harmful consequences. It has been said that some teenage suicides have been caused by abuse within social networking sites such as the one I use. ...read more.


This is a very useful skill as computers are essential in many jobs. When social networking sites are used wisely I do not think that they are harmful to young people. If the site and the profile are set to private I believe that this will avoid virtually all the risk factors of predators, any sense of competition and people using your pictures for fake profiles. All these actions should reduce the possibility of depression and at worse suicide. In my opinion the function of these websites can provide a forum for easy chatting, sharing pictures and improving relationships. I certainly feel this to be safe for young people however if a person under the age of eighteen signs up, the profile should be automatically kept private. This will give the person under eighteen the choice to accept or decline anyone that has requested them as a friend. If they are known then they can use these sites wisely and the relationship between the two people could possibly grow. If the person that has made a request to be a friend, is unknown, it should be declined. There are too many opportunities that enable undesirable people to view your personal profile. In my view if these risk-reducing measures were to be taken on board, the harmful effects of social networking sites would be reduced. ?? ?? ?? ?? Katie Entwistle ...read more.

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