Aunt Pegg letter

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Dear parents,

I’m writing to you to inform you about your children’s progress with me after one week of looking after them. From the very first time that you asked me to take care of your children, I was extremely excited as I will have a chance to get to know them better.

In the beginning, the children were very naughty and lazy. They didn’t act like grown ups and they behaved very immaturely. They kept swearing to each other all the time, calling each other names. I explained to them that that wasn’t appropriate for their age and they said to me that it was a joke. Some children were violent as well. They were fighting like wild animals. The worst thing they did was to make my tidy room messy.

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I couldn’t let them do what they want. It wasn’t easy putting them in order. I set them some jobs to do. They had to sweep the yard, tidy the house and I taught them how to cook some delicious cakes. For breakfast they ate oat cereals and if they didn’t eat it all up, I gave them extra cleaning to do. They learnt to respect the adults and to appreciate what they have. In my surprise I didn’t hear them saying anything rude at all. On day three, they were introduced to my educational programme. I taught them how ...

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