Bathsheba and Gabriel-Far from the Madding Crowd

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Bathsheba did not fall in love with Gabriel at first sight as he did with her. In response to his visit, she pursues him in a tomboyish style and naively assures him that she has no other suitors, a relief to Gabriel who admits that since he was an everyday sort of man his only chance was in being the first comer.

She listens to his earnest promises of all things he could offer to her but Bathsheba was too romantically inclined to find them a reason to get married. She admitted the life he painted was something she would like but without the encumbrance of a husband!!  She very honestly confesses that she did not love him to which he is willing to compromise and he says he would be content if she just liked him.

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“You’d get to despise me, “ she says to which Oak asserts that “Never…I shall…keep wanting you till I die”.

He is honest to his words and as we see Gabriel did continue to love and protect her throughout though Bathsheba could only realize it much later when she was badly embittered in love and life.

Ironically she falls in love with a handsome flamboyant Troy who could stir up her romantic imagination but never

loved her truly.


Strange circumstances in which Troy meets his death filled Bathsheba with wild grief. She puts the ...

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