Behind Closed Doors

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Behind closed doors

By Jade Prest 11SJ

School is meant to be a safe and friendly environment specially designed to encourage friendships and education.  This was not the case for Claire Jones who had attended St. Mark’s Secondary School for two years.  She lived just five minutes from the school and up until six weeks ago had always enjoyed her time there.  She was a very conscientious student, not overly intelligent by any means, but always did her best at everything and had a good relationship with the teachers.  She was not one of the most popular kids, she had a very plain face, her body had not developed as much as other thirteen year old girls and boys did not even notice her, as if she were invisible.

Monday mornings always filled Claire with dread.  The sickly, stomach churning feeling was the usual way she felt at the beginning of the school week.  For some unknown reason, the first day back after the weekend was always worse than the rest.  As Claire walked along the terrace she could see the school gates.  She jumped suddenly as two year seven children rushed past her, laughing and joking.  She felt the breeze blowing her dark brown hair onto her face, as she put it back into place, she noticed the sky was a soft pastel shade of blue with very little clouds, quite crisp for an April day.  As Claire approached the entrance to the school she let out a big sigh and walked through the gates.  She knew that very soon she would come across the reason for all her apprehension, Amanda and her cronies.

For the past month and a half or so, Amanda had made Claire’s life a living hell.  Claire tried in vain to recall what had triggered this torrent of abuse and hostility.  She could think of nothing.  Now every day it was like a mission for Amanda to think up some knew way of inflicting misery on Claire.

First lesson today was Maths, which was not too bad for Claire as she sat at opposite ends of the room from her.  As Claire sat down at the front of the class she could feel Amanda’s eyes peering into her back.  She did not dare turn around as she knew from past experiences that this would only infuriate her more.  Instead she got out her books and waited for the teacher to begin speaking.  As the lesson drew to a close, she began to feel nauseous again, knowing that something was about to happen.  As Claire was sitting next to the door, as soon as they were dismissed, she fled with her best friend Lesley.  Lesley was used to these kind of antics, so she played along and the two of them hurried down the corridor towards the yard.

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The outside area was quite large and the two girls made their way to quiet little corner where they hoped they would not be seen.  This was not to be.  Claire looked on helplessly as she saw Amanda and her two buddies, Sarah and Louise heading towards her.  Amanda had a big grin on her face as if she had just won a prize.  As they came closer Claire noticed just how big this girl really was.  She had fiery red hair which hung just below her chin and looked like it hadn’t been washed for days.  She must ...

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