Belonging in The Simple Gift and Arthur

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Every person needs a sense of belonging. Belonging is defined as acceptance as a natural member or part. Scientific research has found that man’s need to belong is a pre-coded instinct found in the primitive brain or amygdale. Without a sense of belonging a person’s well being can be seriously affected. In the book The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick, the main theme is belonging as it follows a boy’s journey to find a place where he feels he belongs. In the book Arthur by Amanda Graham, the author shows the feelings displayed by someone when they don’t belong and then their feelings when they do belong. E.T. is a movie directed by Steven Spielberg which also has the main theme of belonging. The two main protagonists, Elliot and E.T., don’t feel a sense of belonging with anyone until they meet each other.

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The Simple Gift shows how much people need to belong. Billy is only 15 when he runs away from home. He finds a place to stay temporarily in Bendarat, but it isn’t long until he realises that Bendarat is a town where he feels he belongs. Billy uses descriptive language to show that he feels he belongs in Bendarat. He says “Bendarat is the perfect town. A friendly librarian, a warm McDonald’s, luxury train accommodation, and the town is surrounded by apple and pear orchids.

The real strength of the feeling of belonging is shown through the character Caitlin. ...

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