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Beyond the Darkness (Descriptive Writing -creepy/horror)

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´╗┐Beyond the Darkness Space and time lost its continuity. Where was I and what had led me here? These questions befuddled my already daunted mind as I tried to make sense of this inscrutable mystery. I was standing at the beginning of what looked like an abandoned street; abandoned being an extremely derisory term to describe this terror-striking, nightmare of a place. The cobbled road, which must have once been full of life and bustling with people, was now dilapidated and derelict with potholes dotting the entire path and pieces of debris lay strewn across the floor. Putrefying trees permeated either side of the street, their emaciated, black branches reaching towards the sky like the fingers of a witch. ...read more.


It was only when I was almost on top of it did I realize, to my dread, the nature of this curious object. A grave. I had been standing on a tarnished grave. My brain imploded with emotions of panic and distress, but strangely, my body was deathly still. I suppose I was experiencing what many writers describe as being ?numb with fear?. Against all my instinctual impulses, I crouched down and inspected the crumbling sepulcher. Centuries of wind and dust had taken its toll on the tombstone, eroding it beyond recognition. It was almost completely covered in moss, with a significantly conspicuous crack running diagonally across it. The words carved within the stone were completely illegible because of the layers of mud that caked the surface. ...read more.


Five gargantuan pillars stood tall and firm at the front of the house - the only thing stopping the entire monument from collapsing on itself. It was four stories high with countless misplaced windows dotting the front and a huge chimney protruded from the top. The walls were made of rock-hard, matt-black wood and the disjointed shingle roof was bowed down by the weight of many years. I could literally taste the stench of rotting mould coming from within. Climbing up the stairs, I noticed the front door was open. A perturbing feeling of familiarity suffused itself within my thoughts; I had been here before! Edging forward, I slowly crept through the open doorway and surreptitiously slid inside. Step by step I sidled forward until I was about halfway through the hall. Suddenly the door behind me creaked shut and I was engulfed by the daunting tendrils of darkness. Ali Malik ...read more.

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