Brave New World. Lindas version of the New Mexican Savage Reservation incident.

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Linda’s version of the New Mexican Savage Reservation incident

When we first got off the early rocket at the Savage Reservation, I was full of joy, excitement at the fact that I was finally going to see the Savage Reservation. I had heard lots of stories about the place and I was drawn in when the first story had started. What was more was that I was going with the man whom I was with at the time. It was a feeling I had never felt before in my life. I think the people here call it love.

When we first arrived, we got given our soma rations- enough for 2 half-gramme tablets a day and we started following the directions of the Delta-Minuses. Seeing them there, mindlessly repeating the directions to us, made me sure that I definitely would not want to be a Delta-Minus or any class for that matter, Beta-Minus’ get the best of both worlds. We get very good jobs and Alpha’s are attracted to us. What could be better?
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The first message we heard from the Delta was that we were a good few miles away before we would even see the Savage. So we set off and progressed hill after hill, a tedious and laborious job. A few hours later, we finally arrived at the Savage Reservation at dusk. Nothing could have prepared us for what we saw at that moment.

The building were no more than 2 stories high and most of them were huts. The place was full of dirt, with no Deltas or Epsilons to clean up the mess. There was ...

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