'Call yourself a mate'

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Connor witherington                                                          10 t 

‘Call yourself a mate’

Have you ever had that feeling that you are being followed? But you turn around and there’s no one there. Sadly this wasn’t the case for me!

        It was late evening, muggy, dull, dim, light and an eerie quiet atmosphere. We’d had a football match that night which I’d forgotten about until my manager phoned me up to check I was playing and to arrange to give me a lift as my mum was still at work. I played quite well, considering I was tired and hadn’t been prepared to play. The kick off was at 5:45 so by the time I’d finished and warmed down it was around quarter past 8. I don’t really enjoy walking home in the winter as my route is through deep woodlands. All my friends made fun of me and called me a right puffter, so I was eager to prove them wrong and set off at a brisk pace. I expected it would take me about half an hour because I usually got a lift and it takes about 10 minutes in the car. In my rush to get ready for the match I forgot my mobile phone - a mistake that was going to come back and haunt me later.

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I was nervous and cautious about muggers and stalkers as I remembered an occasion when I was seven years old when my mum and I were followed on a similar night. My memories of my mum feeling very frightened, telling me to speed up, but at the same time reassuring me that everything would be ok has stayed with me ever since. I will never forget it though I’ve never asked my mum about it since, despite the fact that she is very uneasy talking about people being followed or attacked.

        I had been walking for about ten minutes and ...

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