Can a group of people function effectively without someone being in charge?

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Can a group of people function effectively without someone being in charge?

Leaders (aka someone in charge) are essential for a group to function effectively. Famous men like Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were not just great men, but more significantly, they were all were great leaders. Without their leadership, people they needed to lead would have otherwise not functioned effectively. Malcolm X's leadership was carping for the Nation Of Islam, and Christopher Columbus's leadership was censorious for the previously-leaderless group of explorers to find the New World and obtain the riches that they had great avarice and cupidity for. I will now be discussing into details how two leaders (Malcolm X and Christopher Columbus) were needed to lead their respective groups for them to function effectively.

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During the late 1500's, many explorers had set out to India through the sea in order to attain the gold that was much coveted and discussed during that time. However, none were as successful as Christopher Columbus. When Christopher Columbus heard about the copious amounts of gold that could be found in the rich mines of India, he set out to seek financial aid which would finance his exploration into India for the gold. He finally convinced the monarch of Spain, Queen Isabella and King Charles to finance his explorations. Columbus' hard work was paid off when he successfully ...

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