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Capital Punishment Speech

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Capital Punishment You come home from work to find a man beating your wife and children. He threatens to kill them and holds a knife to your wife's neck. Without thinking you react in order to protect your family and take out your gun and shoot the man in the leg. The man stabs your wife's neck and within a heart beat you shoot him quickly in the head to protect your child. 12 weeks later after a life time of waiting you are brought to an old wooden chair. Two black leather straps are clamped around your wrists. A damp wet sponge is put on your head. Finally the cold, metal helmet is placed on your head. You try to make out some words but can't. All you manage to do is watch the guard slowly reach for the switch. The switch is pulled. Lights out. A woman killed, a child saved, the saviour punished and the child orphaned thanks to capital punishment. Capital punishment is an extremely barbaric punishment that, for some reason our deteriorating world seems to find acceptable. It is simply cold- hearted murder and is unacceptable. The biggest risk is putting an innocent man to death. So how can we be sure? Simple answer, we can't. Just like the prisoner who made the mistake, we all as humans make mistakes too so we can never really be sure that a crime convicting man is being put to death or an innocent caring man with a wife and children. ...read more.


We may find that many of us would have made the same decisions if put in this persons shoe's. So why can't this person finally be shown the paths to take and ways to live rather than being put to death? Who's getting the better deal? Although some victims have suffered many have been unwarily killed instantly, perhaps by a bullet to the head. A quick and painless death. The murderer on the other hand doesn't seem to get the same deal. He must put up with what seems a life time of waiting, in a small cell with the only company of his haunting regrets and guilt until finally the day comes when his life is ended. If this doesn't convince you the methods will. � The method of hanging is an effective cheap method and very commonly used. It involves tying a slip knot around the victims head and dropping him through a trap door. The force of his own wait is enough to break his neck and result in death if lucky. If the rope is not measured correctly other things may go wrong. Too long and the victims head shall be ripped right off. Too short and the victims neck shall not be broken and instead he shall be slowly strangled to death resulting in their tongue hanging out and even their eyes popping out of their head sometimes. ...read more.


Here is a report showing the cruelty of this method: James Autry, was executed on 14th March 1984. His first execution date planned was on November 1983: Autry had already been tied to the stretcher and he was undergoing the first part of the procedure - a saline solution was being introduced in his veins - when the execution was suspended. After the "second" execution, an eye witness said that the sentenced took at least ten minutes to die and most of the time he was conscious, he could move and he moaned because of the pain. A prison doctor present at the execution said later that the needle had clogged up, slowing down execution times. Many more methods are used as capital punishment such as the gas chamber, firing squads, the guillotine and so on and all of them have draw backs and mistakes that can result in the victim suffering severe pain for longer than necessary. Finally look to religion. Would God, the father of all of us vote for capital punishment, the murdering of one of his children? Capital punishment is murder and is unchristian and inhumane. In conclusion it is my belief that capital punishment is cruel, unforgiving, vengeful and isn't the final solution for preventing crime and is simply an act of revenge. It causes exacerbates the grief and distress to those involved and can later cause a burden of long term guilt. Remember that a falsely convicted man can be released from prison but not from the grave! ...read more.

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