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Characterization of Walter in A Raisin in the Sun

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Character Analysis of Walter Walter is the main character of the Raisin in the Sun, being Mama's only son. In addition, he makes most of the conflict at home. He is a complex character, with mixed feelings with his home. He is the character that moves between the antagonist and the protagonist, which makes the story live and natural with a picture of a typical ambitious man in the 1950s to 60s. First, he of course loves his family, but he feels the house is too small, so he is willing to take risks to change it. As he says in the story, he describes this house as a "beat-up hole". He desperately wants to change this. He wanted to invest in the liquor store so that if he succeeded, the family will be completed changed. One could say he has dreams that are nearly impossible to accomplish, but his starting point is good. He wants the family to be rich; he cares about his wife and family members. In Act 3, he says: "I want to hang some real pearls 'round my wife's neck. ...read more.


Second, he has most of his brain thinking about money. However, different from other people, he does not think how to earn money; he thinks about how to use money from his dead father's insurance. Although his starting point is good, he has neither a plan nor a proper way to make money out of money. He is too focused on the business idea of investing on a liquor store that can bring him tons and tons of money. He thinks money can buy everything, but as proven in the story, he is too concentrated about buying pearls to let Ruth wear it than actually be soft and gentle and with more respect. It is somewhat like when a child cries when the parents do not give them a new toy or something. Walter is ambitious with his dreams and he wants his dreams to be put in first priority, but the reality is not like that. First, his plan to invest in the liquor store is strongly opposed by Mama, which is the leader of the family. ...read more.


It was not until Hercules killed Prometheus did he was freed. In parallel, George is meaning that Walter is also chained to his dreams by her wife, sister and mom and he is suffering from this just like someone eating his liver every day. That is why in the story he always feel himself as the "misunderstood" one, as he said in Act two Scene one "'Cause ain't nobody with me! Not even my own mother!" This characteristic caused him to have bad temper at home when he does not get "his" money and his dream accomplished Although Walter mainly serves as an antagonist in the story, in the last part of the story, Walter becomes a hero of the family by refusing Lindner's money for buying the house from them and moving to other places. He is, at last the real head of the family. His characteristics show that he is an ambitious man that holds dreams tightly in his hands. He is the person that will take any risk for his family. I believe the Walter Family will live bravely under Walter Lee in the white neighborhood. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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