Choose three poems and compare them in terms of content, language and style

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Choose three poems and compare them in terms of content, language and style

“Long Distance” by Tony Harrison is about grieving in different ways. It is a personal poem as he reflects back to his Father’s love and grief for his Mother, who has passed away. You can see that it is also about the love in a close family, as the love felt by the father regarding his wife and later on, the love felt by the son, which is apparent through his sense of loss. All of this shows a close, loving family, however the title, makes the reader seem as though their relationship is not as close.  

The poem  uses enjambment, ‘He’d put you off an hour to give him time To clear her thing and look alone’, which creates movement within the poem, as the sentence is long, giving an impression of a long period of time, and that the grief and every day routine of ‘putting up appearances’ that Harrison’s father restlessly deals with.
          Harrison also uses  Caesura,‘You couldn’t just drop in. You had to phone.’ The reader is unable to argue with the quick and factual piece of information.
               The poem itself has a ‘ABAB’ rhyming scheme in the first three paragraphs, and then in the last verse the rhyming scheme changes to an ‘ABBA’ structure, suggests that the last paragraph is important, and showing that there has been some kind of change between the previous paragraphs and the final paragraph, as the previous paragraphs only deal with Harrison’s father’s reaction to his wife’s death, but the final paragraph is set once both of Harrison’s parents have died, and he is now feeling the grief.

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Harrison does not use metaphors, descriptive language and similies in this poem, as the deaths and the distant relationship with his parents are heavy topics that do not need extra creativity. Instead he uses blunt and stark words to create an emotion that is clear in subject matter for the readers, feeling what Harrison has felt for his parents even though there were many cracks which faultered their relationship, because he writes so sharply to describe his regretful past.

In “My Grandmother” by Elizabeth Jennings, the title makes the reader think that this poem will be a close loving poem, ...

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