Cleaning the Attic

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Cleaning the attic

Lettie gazed out of the car window with unwavering attention onto the surroundings of her new home. It was a solid, modern looking house with newly painted rendered finish on the outside, and a big garden with tall cut hedges, portraying different animals. Entering the building was a different world, the exact opposite of what you would have imagined it to be. Old beams were embedded into the ceiling and the doors were abnormally low. But it was friendly and contained a lot of character.  

It was seven o’clock on a Monday morning when Lettie was aroused by her loud alarm. She was nervous as most teenagers would be when they were starting a new school. However she was excited about exploring her new house after lessons were over. The school was a ten minute walk from the house, and as she strolled along, hands in pockets, she imagined herself the next week walking with a cheerful group of friends. The first few lessons were boring and she found it intolerable to concentrate. As the other GCSE students realised there was a new girl about, they all kept asking her questions. She felt less forlorn. However when a tall, skinny girl asked Lettie if she lived nearby, then everything went down the drain. At first she didn’t know what she had said wrong, possibly it was that she had got the wrong name of the village that she was now living in. But the girls soon gave her the impression that there was something about her house that was different……in a bad way.


        The next week was terribly dull and tedious; a few ignorant teenagers didn’t bat an eyelid in her direction, but the others posed many questions to her. The girl who Lettie thought resembled a pencil with hair, called Gabby, was vile to her. “You simply can’t be living in that house, do we all want another person crying their eyes out to us”.

“Ummm, I…” Lettie said, horrified at the abrupt statement from Gabby.

“Don’t even go there”, Gabby interrupted.

In spite of this, it was finally the weekend, and she could get away.

        It was two in the morning and Lettie still couldn’t get to sleep, too many things whizzed around her mind. Suddenly she heard a knocking on the roof, thudding like a heart beat. Feeling petrified, she closed her eyes and blocked out the noise, but the words of the other girls about her house keep sneaking in. She has mixed emotions, which involved feelings of curiosity and also feeling disturbed. She plugged herself into her new iPod, and soon she forgot all about the knocking and soon fell sound asleep.

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        Light filtered in, through the soon-to-be-binned, translucent curtains of Lettie’s new bedroom. She groaned while grabbing a spare pillow from the already clothes-covered floor, turned over, buried her head into it and concealed her face from reality and the outside world. But she couldn’t catch another wink. A familiar voice yelled from downstairs, a voice that was demanding that she get downstairs now, telling her to do some chores. The news inflamed her temper, but it had to be done.

        Half an hour later, she was up a ladder, climbing up stairs into a filthy attic with a ...

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