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Commentary on a poor example of an essay on Hamlet's madness.

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Madison Shaw Title The Internet has always been a useful and fast source to acquire information on just about any topic, although, this public forum allows for anyone to express their own ideas and opinions. Finding information on the internet that is relevant to a certain topic may seem to be true, however, whether that information should be cited is dependent on the source and the reliability of that source. When writing an essay, it is very useful to research information on the essay topic prior to writing it to further understand. Many people read information on a website and if it related to their topic, they will automatically use that information in their essay. If not taking great care of the information being absorbed, this will result in the false information from the internet being regurgitated. The essay that is being analyzed is about the Shakespeare play, Hamlet, and the idea that his madness is not an act but more so reality. It is evident through the style and the content of the essay that the author has not fully understood the play and did not use a reliable source on the internet to further understand the topic at hand. The style throughout this essay is both unorganized and unclear. ...read more.


In the royal court, which existed back in the times of Hamlet, the people of the community looked to the king to settle legal problems, much like the legal courts today. Hamlet, being the rightful heir to the throne, was capable of making the decisions for the betterment of the society. At the end of the play, the true Claudius is revealed to the public, through the poisoning of the wine, and the poison on the sword intended to kill Hamlet. By killing Claudius, Hamlet, the true King, is doing right for society by eliminating the evil that exists in Denmark. Hamlet?s actions are not the result of his madness or to avenge his father?s death, it is to serve justice. http://www.essaypedia.com/papers/is-hamlets-madness-his-true-feelings-13223.html Bad Hamlet Essay In Shakespeare's play Hamlet, there is much controversy concerning the protagonist, Hamlet, and whether or not his madness is indeed his true feelings. It is a confusing time in Hamlet's life as his father has passed away, his uncle took position as king and has wed Hamlet's very own mother, then the ghost of his deceased father appeared to him with instructions to seek revenge on Claudius - Hamlet's uncle and his moms new husband, and, finally, the love of his life Ophelia rejects him by the order of her father, Polonius. ...read more.


Hamlet has said it himself he is dangerous, which is a great hint toward him becoming mad. When Hamlet says, "Frailty, thy name is woman"(1.2.146), he is talking about the all women and how they can look one way and act the other. The actions of his mother have lead him to believe that all women are capable of acting in this "wicked" way. Hamlet feels alone and that's one of is main problems. When Hamlet goes to see his mother in her bedroom this is one part of the play, which shows his madness. His tone of voice is very strong. He lashes out at her to the extent that she is scared. After he kills Polonius he shows no regret whatsoever but rather he sees this as good, "thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell (3.4.191). These violent outbursts seem to be a fit from his madness. What goes on in Hamlets mind is extremely hard to follow. Hamlet is not the one to blame for all the trouble in Elsinore. He ends tragically because of what his madness has lead him to. As Hamlet is seen as a "mad-man", he takes it upon himself of the way he shows his madness and for the most part loses control of his actions. This is one blame that causes the eventual downfall of some of the characters and Denmark as a country. ...read more.

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