Commentary on "Even Tho" by Grace Nichols.

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Even tho by Grace Nichols

Grace Nichols is from the Caribbean island along the Atlantic coast from the place called Guyana, a small village by sea. Guyana was a brutish colony so she was exposed to British culture and read the work of authors such as Enid Blyton, Jane Austen and Shakespeare. In Guyana she was influenced by myths legend and the landscape. She started to work as a teacher in the remote part of Guyana but at the age of 27 she migrated to England.

The poetry is written from a female’s perspective and in this poem the narrator is addressing the lover (man). The poem is first person narrative, mainly expressed by the first person singular ‘I’.

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In 1st stanza the poet is talking about the woman’s fear that the man she loves will try to ‘devour’ her and destroy her completely by taking away her independence.

In the 2nd stanza the poet refers to the natural world and the food imagery (fruit metaphor) to suggest that she is sweet, natural and delicious. The use of fruits describe the feeling of the poet that how does she feel when she is in a relationship to portray her as a weak character. Fruits like ‘water melon’ and ‘plums’ bruise easily implying that she is easily hurt and is more sensitive in ...

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