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Commentary on "Slow reader" by Vicki Feaver

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Nisa Hussain 10A English Slow reader At the start of the poem, the poet uses a list to show the boy?s wide range of skills. This is show in the quote ?make sculptures?fabulous machines?invent games?. By using the dynamic verbs ?make and invent? we can see that the poet clearly believes in the child?s impressive physical capability. Moreover the word ?fabulous? highlights the fact that the reader thinks that whatever the child has made and put together is worthy of praise. ...read more.


Caesura is also used in the first stanza to grab the reader?s attention. This is shown in the quote ?adult advice ? but he is slow to read?. Caesura is used here to signify and emphasise the fact that the boy clearly finds reading difficult. It also gets the attention of the reader and makes the poem more dramatic and emotional. Likewise endstopping is used to create a similar effect. This is shown in the quote ?who knows the mountains are impassable.? This signifies the end of the boy?s journey to read and it tells us that he has given up. ...read more.


This simile is used to illustrate the fact that they boy cannot bear to read anymore and the words ?gristly meat? highlight how unpleasant the boy finds reading. The adjective ?cold? combines with the word ?gristly? to create a significant visual image for the reader. Due to this, the reader understands that there is truly not future in reading for boy and this affect deeply impacts the reader as the level of pity we have for the young boy peaks. This is presented as regret in the boy?s life, contrasting to the begging of the poem where he seems to be successful in making something and receiving praise. ...read more.

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