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"Community Stability Identity" and its Role in the World State

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Chris Steinke 2-11-07 English III CPA "Community Stability Identity" and its Role in the World State In Aldous Huxley's A Brave New World, the World State "civilizes" a specific region and governs it under the guiding motto of "Community Identity Stability." By modifying every aspect of the society, the World State eliminates all feelings outside of pleasure. Instant gratification is granted for nearly every desire. Without looking too much into the subject, this system seems like an ideal society. However, the basic fundamentals of the totalitarian World State take away any use or need for individuality in that society, depriving its citizens of the complete human experience and rendering the region to an utter dystopia. Through various processes, the World State controls every aspect of its dominion. The Bokanovsky Process mass produces humans so that they can function in particular roles in society, hypnopaedia is used to engrain World State fundamentals into the children's conscience. ...read more.


The individual, according to the World State, undermines society. Poetry, Shakespeare and outside religion are all forbidden and nearly unheard of, because they all promote individuality. The Bokanovsky Process is used in order to eliminate individuality. Multitudes of identical twins exist, all conditioned to work on one specific piece of machinery for the rest of their lives. Through conditioning, they are happy to be a single cell in the society machine, and feel no need to stand out. Ideally, the World State would like to eliminate every emotion. Citizens are human, so they still need to release. Luckily, "orgy porgy gives release (84)." Soma also is a huge contributor to the release of each person. Soma helps eliminate any unpleasant sense, so everyone can escape their emotions. Having a family creates close attachments and increased emotion toward others, the World State keeps this aspect in check through Podspnap's Technique, which, though a prodding of the ovary, does away with existence of family. ...read more.


Grand struggles and overwhelming emotion are substituted for the sake of social stability. The World State gets rid off any and all sources that could be detrimental to the stability of the World State society. Bibles are forbidden, and anyone who acts as if they could influence others defectively would be exiled. There were those who fought against the World State, but before they could accomplish anything substantial, they found themselves on an island with other folks who tried to perform the same deed. As soon as Helmholtz and Bernard were exiled, they lost their fight against the World State. Through complete control of society, the World State keeps the population happy. However, their definition of happy is instant gratification. True happiness is truly felt when one has had misery to compare to their current feelings. Without feelings, compassion, morals, values or emotions, a person is not getting the full human experience. Without humanity, no true happiness can be felt. By controlling their peoples actions and emotions, the World State is rendering their domain to nothing shot of a dystopia. ...read more.

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