Compare and Contrast - Cassius and Brutus from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

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9th December

Compare and Contrast-

Cassius and Brutus

The play "Julius Caesar" was written by William Shakespeare, the play is based on what really happened approximately 1500 years ago, with the king Julius Caesar's assassination. Here I will compare and contrast Caius Cassius and Marcus Brutus, two of the main characters in the play, the main men responsible for the murder of Caesar.

                First, I will describe the character of Brutus in as much depth as I can. Marcus Brutus was probably Caesars most trusted friend.

“I would not Cassius, yet I love him well”. Brutus: Act 1.2 82.

However, he is pressurized into murdering him.

                Brutus is a strange character, his character varies constantly throughout the play, he can seem the bold warrior who will never back down, and then he can be the little man who is forced into a murder of his friend and King. Before the Murder, he is seen as one of the most respected members of society, honoured and loved by all. However, when he is asked to participate in murdering Caesar, he may have refused, but considering the circumstances, he gave in too quickly, from this we see he is respected and loyal, but easily pressurized.

                He could also be seen as a naïve man, this is because after he refused to murder Caesar, Cassius managed to trick him into thinking it was for the good of Rome, how could murdering the most popular leader of Rome be good for it? Brutus managed to believe so, so much so that he almost immediately obliges to murder him. Later on in the play, it becomes quite clear that Cassius wanted this murder done for the good of himself. Brutus has good qualities too, if you look at it the other way, he was willing to murder his King and good friend, thinking it was for the good of Rome, this portrays his noble quality. His nobility continues up until his death, when he falls onto his own sword, the noble Romans death.

        “This was the Noblest Roman of them all”. Antony: Act 5.5 68.

         However, in my view, it is cowardly to kill yourself rather than fight to the end, but all Romans did this.

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                The most obvious characteristic of Brutus, which is often missed out, is the fact that he is a murderer. He has a dagger in hand, steps up, and stabs Caesar, this shows a lot of courage, the courage to step up and kill a man that has given everything that you asked of him.

                Brutus is a quite a secretive man. In Act 2 Scene 2, he has a row with his wife Portia. She wanted to know why Brutus’ behaviour had altered in the recent times, Brutus insisted to her she was better of not knowing, she ends ...

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