Compare and contrast 'life doesn't frighten' me by Maya Angelou and 'still I rise' by Maya Angelo

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This essay will compare and contrast ‘life doesn’t frighten’ me by Maya Angelou and ‘still I rise’ by Maya Angelo the theme of fear and pride will be explored in this essay. The theme of fear and pride is discussed in this essay because in one of the poems she is scared of little things that scare and they is nothing to be scared of like the dark, but in the other poem pride is the theme because she is proud of her color.

        One of the main similarities between the texts is that the poems both use repetition. This is displayed in ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me’ because she says

         “Not at all, not at all, life doesn’t frighten me at all”

The quotation proves that this is like a chant. She is reassuring herself that she is not scared however, the repetition ironically emphasizes that she is actually scared.

Similarly ‘still I rise’ also uses repetition because she says

 “I rise, I rise, I rise”

The evidence above demonstrates that unlike life doesn’t frighten me where the repetition is used to comfort her , in still I rise the repetition is used to stress her confidence in a brighter future therefore the poem ends in hope.

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        However a significant difference between the two poems is that they are both set in different stages in her life. This is displayed in ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me’ because she uses onomatopoeic words like boo and shoo this highlights that the speaker is a child. “I go boo make them shoo” the quotation proves that the child is trying to scare away her fears. Conversely ‘still I rise’ discourse her adults life “does my sexiness scare ive got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs”. The quotation above proves that she is older because she says that she has ...

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