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Compare and contrast the way the writer's depict relationships between men and women in at least two of the short stories you have studied.

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Compare and contrast the way the writer's depict relationships between men and women in at least two of the short stories you have studied The short stories Lamb to the slaughter- Roald Dahl (1954), Catbird Seat- James Thurber (1945) and Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver- Thomas Hardy (1894) show how the relationship between men and women can be complicated. In Lamb to the Slaughter the writer has intended to convey a tensional feeling between Mrs Maloney and Mr Maloney because Mr Maloney has something different to do from his occasional routine, he is scared, tired and probably feels sympathy for Mrs Maloney according to his harsh decision. The story focuses on murder, rather than a lustful relationship. It specifically empathises Mrs Maloney because the twist in the story centres around the character Mary Maloney. The story is not finished deliberately and it is left for the audience to discover everything even the characters and their future and what would happen next. Although in Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver there isn't too much of tension created in fact there is a particular relationship between the men and women, it is very emotional and s****l but it summarises the case of recognition, when the women find out the deceit that Kytes caused and his betrayal. Hardy did not like industrialisation and thought men were experts but Kytes was out of control. The author deliberately conveys the intriguing twist which occurs towards the end for effect and depicts the relationships between men and women in a s****l but emotional way. The intriguing twist in Catbird Seat is of Mrs Barrows and Mr Martin's competition and for approval and success to regain autonomy. It focuses on Mr Martin visiting Mrs Barrows house for the chance of 'rubbing out' which obviously is achieved but Mrs Barrows has a very competitive spirit. The author's attitude clearly supported the idea that he wanted a harsh relationship between these characters, no love or sexuality/emotional relationship. ...read more.


Kytes becomes full of fear and of recognition as he deceives the other characters which are women he then gradually draws himself into a mess in which he becomes incredibly nervous especially to the women in the back of the wagon as he knows they are angry because of what he has said to each of the women he has called up for a ride such as Hannah. He deceives them step by step in chronological order and finally with his first love Hannah: "Throw over Milly-all to marry me!..." Hannah says this delightfully because Kytes wants her back, although Kytes is lying because he has caught himself up seriously which could cause commotion with him and the women as soon as they all discover what has occurred, so Kytes thinks to himself to try and get himself out of this by lying and of course deceiving his women even though he did get a second look at how pretty Hannah was looking when she sat next to him, even prettier then his engaged wife Milly. In Catbird Seat the literary/social/historique response is that the story is a post war and above all computer work. Mr Martin and Mrs Barrows work in an office and here deceit between men and women occurs: "I drink and smoke all the time," This shows how Mr Martin gets into a different routine by saying something unusual to Mrs Barrows which is not in Mr Martin's role, his background is not like that either, he is trying to trick Mrs Barrows in his alibi for rubbing her out and confusing her, he is an ordinary man who does not drink and smoke. In Lamb to the Slaughter the writer depicts a frustrating and deceitful relationship between men and women compared with Tony Kytes, in this it is a s****l/emotional relationship but there is a lot of conflict and suspense which gradually arises. ...read more.


In Tony Kytes something different of a twist occurs he just ends up marrying Milly which is not similar to Lamb to the Slaughter or Catbird Seat, they all have different twists. In Catbird Seat it is when Mrs Barrows is rubbed out and disappears which gives the non-murder approach to rubbing her out, instead of killing her in which Lamb to the Slaughter had a theory of. The three short stories differ in the way that they are all in deceit. Some of the women get away with it especially in Tony Kytes, in Lamb to the Slaughter Mrs Maloney gets away with the murder, in Catbird Seat Mr Martin gets away with his rubbing out. The similarities are that all of the stories have difficulties between the men and women due to a tension in some sort, which the writer depicts in each story. The tension is either caused by love, commitment etc. The tension occurs anywhere in a house, a place where riding- Tony Kytes and in a workplace like in Catbird Seat. In which these stories were located for the different tensions and the relationships between the men and women. My personal response is that the writer's have depicted the relationships between men and women in a variety of ways, love, commitment and deceit. They have deliberately caused tension for effect which is used dramatically and the characteristic use of language/choice, the author's have used different areas for effect to make the story more interesting for the reader which adds to the relationships between the men and women in each story and their dialogue e.g.- onomatopoeic words, the stories are not just for the relationships but for effect these areas have been included to make it more interesting to understand and enjoy. These were the writer's intentions on how they had depicted the relationships between men and women in their stories. ...read more.

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