Compare and Contrast the works Of two poets who write on The themes of people And landscape - Ronald Stewart Thomas and William Wordsworth

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Compare and Contrast the works

Of two poets who write on

 The themes of people

And landscape

Ronald Stewart Thomas and William Wordsworth are the two poets mentioned in the title. Even though both wrote on corresponding topics of people and landscape, the two poets approach their writing with a much different mentality. RS Thomas takes a more realistic and down to earth view. His poems are often cut straight to the point, whereas William Wordsworth uses romance and exaggerated beauty. His poems focus on the positive side of life. He is also a very patriotic man and in many of his poems you can witness this. RS Thomas is a practical man. Probably because of the way Thomas lived and the different period in which he wrote. RS Thomas is more representative of the 20th century whereas William Wordsworth is representative of the 18th and 19th centuries.

William Wordsworth was born on April 7, 1770, in Cockermouth, Cumberland, and educated at St John's College, Cambridge University. He developed a keen love of nature as a youth, and during school holidays he frequently visited places prominent for their scenic beauty. The love of such things may have led him to become one of the most influential romantic poets’.

RS Thomas was a vicar, rector of Manafon. He was separated from the world in a parish near Newton in Wales. Much of his work is set in Wales, his birthplace. It was here were Thomas found most of his peasants’ tough, oppressive, narrow men. RS Thomas hardened, and his mode of thought reflected into his poetry.

The first poems I am going to compare are “Westminster Bridge” by William Wordsworth and “A day in autumn” by RS Thomas. In the first poem “Westminster Bridge” you can tell from the first line that Wordsworth was a romanticist.

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“Earth has not any thing to show more fair:”

He is saying that this is the most radiant and beautiful place on the earth. He finds so much passion in the sight that he goes as far to insult a person that could walk past such a noteworthy scene with out admiring it.

“ Dull would be of soul who could pass by.”

In the poem he expresses a feeling of gratitude and exuberance. He makes you feel this with the words he uses for example, “fair, majesty, beauty, bright, splendour, calm and sweet.” All these ...

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