Compare and Contrast Wilkie Collins' "A Terribly Strange Bed " to Roald Dahl's "The Landlady ". Which Of The Two Stories Do You Prefer To Be The Most Successful Horror Story?

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Compare and Contrast Wilkie Collins’ ”A Terribly Strange Bed “ to Roald Dahl’s ”The Landlady “. Which Of The Two Stories Do You Prefer To Be The Most Successful Horror Story?

   The First Story, “A Terribly Strange Bed” was written in 1956 and the other story, “The Landlady” was written in 1960. They were written in very different times so you would expect them to be very different.

  The opening of “A Terribly Strange Bed” tells you the story is going to be tense and scary by saying they are wondering away from what they are used to and they go to a strange place, which suggests danger.

   The narrator in “A Terribly Strange Bed” is the first person so you and see what kind of person the boy is and you can see exactly how he feels. It also adds tension because you and see how he thinks and how he is scared or excited.

   The opening of “The Landlady”, tells you it is going to be tense or scary, by saying it is nine o’clock at night and he is in a place he hasn’t been before, similar to “The Terribly Strange Bed”. Also it says he was recommended a hotel, but he went to another one which, “looks too good to be true” which brings tension and fear.

   The narrator in “The Landlady” has written n the first person. The boy doesn’t realise he is in danger, which creates tension by the reader wanting him to get out.

   In “The Terribly Strange Bed”, the writer is using an old style of writing, which is more difficult to read that “The Landlady” and it also has a lot of description and long sections to it. In “The Landlady”, the writing is more recent, and much easier to understand. It is also much shorter and with much less descriptive writing in it.

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   The victim in “The Terribly Strange Bed” and “The Landlady” are roughly the same age, but they come from very different backgrounds and their appearance is also different.

   In “The Terribly Strange Bed”, the boy is a young man who has just finished his education at college and has been brought up well, but he is not street wise.  He has a “wild life” and when he goes to the “back alley” gambling area he says,” I felt what the passion for play really was”, which says, he is hooked on gambling and e is adventurous.


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