Compare and contrast Williams Wordsworths 'Daffodils with Gillian Clarke' Mroiracle on St David's Day

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       During this essay I am going to discuss the similarities between William Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’ and Gillian Clark’s ‘Miracle On St. David’s Day’.  I will also write what is contrasting in both poems.  Whilst comparing and contrasting the two I will show how both poets use tone, imagery and themes.

       The plot of Daffodils is extremely simple, Wordsworth portrays himself as alone and isolated yet in a peaceful and tranquil environment, ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o’er vales and hills’.  He then finds company with the daffodils, ‘A Poet could not be but gay In such a jocund company!’

  When Wordsworth is alone in the last stanza he remembers the daffodils and reminisces in the happiness that they brought to him, memory in this poem is a clear theme.

      Throughout the poem it is evident the most apparent feature of the poem is nature.  The narrator talks about ‘vales and hills’.  Although in Wordsworth’s first line he states that he is alone, ‘I wander’d lonely as a cloud’ he uses personification whilst describing the daffodils so that they posses human qualities, ‘Tossing their heads in a sprightly dance.’  This denotes that he feels not alone anymore when he is with the daffodils.  To emphasize this he writes in his third stanza, ‘In such a jocund company!’

  Wordsworth in his poem uses comparison when describing the daffodils, in his third stanza it reads ‘The waves beside them danced, but they out-did the sparkling waves in glee’ he uses this comparison of the lake and the daffodils to emphasise the impressiveness of the scene.

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     Wordsworth paints a picture of himself retreating to nature to find peace and serenity, he then exposes the his happiness of seeing the daffodils before him, ‘When all at once’ in this line Wordsworth describes how suddenly he saw the flowers, as if he was not expecting them and you can visualise the daffodils momentarily taking his breath away. This is also depicted through the calmness he creates in the first two lines of the first stanza, this peaceful scene is then interrupted with life, ‘I saw a crowd,’ and the exited feel that the last two lines ...

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