Compare how Ted Hughes writes about animals in two of his poems.

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Below is a possible answer to the question above. It is not a model answer, and has several things wrong with it, but would achieve a grade C in the English literature exam.

Read through the answer and try to see why it should gain a C.

Here are the criteria it needs to match.

  • Sustained knowledge of text
  • Structured response to task
  • Personal involvement/empathy
  • Appropriate comment on meaning/style
  • Effective use of reference/supporting textual detail
  • Sustained comment on social/cultural/historical issues or context
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In both "Work and Play" and "Hawk Roosting" Ted Hughes writes about birds. Both the hawk and the swallow are portrayed as beautiful creatures. The hawk is described as an extremely violent and arrogant animal that believes it is god ("I hold creation in my foot"). Hughes allows the reader to see that the bird is quite foolish, as we obviously know that it is not as powerful as it thinks it is. Hughes makes his hawk a very violent creature with its "allotment of death". This is quite shocking and almost repulsive. In contrast to the arrogant and ...

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